Friday, March 13, 2009

Out to JB!

My out of Off note : I'm currently on CR from 13/03 - 16/03/2009. If any urgent matters pls contact my boss @ ****.Thanks ;p

i'm going back to Jb's this tgh sibuk2 nak packing baju & etc..mcm balik lama pun kan...3 hari jerk!
tp hati bersorak riang bila dpt balik JB @ cuti sbnrnya...ekekke
& for the girls...mmg sgt sronok le kan sbb boleh jmpa nekwan/tokba & auntie/uncle!

ps : will do small celebration for my lyssa...since evryday she keep asking for her party! ;p
so till next week babes...will updated more entry later once back to KL k! yipppppppieeeee

enjoy ur weekend & happy school holiday!! (hehe - mcm le my anak skolah kan ..)

1 comment:

  1. huhuhu...bestnye blk kmpg!!
    my hubby kata next mth br blh blk kmpg...ramai sgt dah collegue dia apply cuti skul hols ni...