Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Live from room 321, Kelana Jaya Medical Center

Lil updated bout my precious - sugar & spice!

She's admitted yesterday... Actually ill bring her coz all day she's vomit non-stop.. Mmg she had a fever past few weeks.. Kira on n off gitu! Tot nothing happend la coz bring her to clinic then ok after taking ann antibiotics.. But its worst yesterday when the blood test show that her white cell blood is HiGHER then the red cell.. Its 22 ( normal should 5-12)... So now she's will continue with higher dosage of antibiotics to reduce her blood pal.. Hopefully it works!

Pls pray n wish for her speedy recovery ye ols... Its her 1st time...pity her!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My girls in GC...from EOG!

alhamdulillah...hasilnya tidak menghampakan...i'm so proud of my girls...yerlah kan..harapan org nak gagahkan...;)

But the important thing is i'm so impress with this 2 ladies..their so talented...& the combination of this 2 ladies is simply match!! i'm so proud being a fren of u guys....
so nih le hasilnya.....

Big sista wearing long sleeve peasant top....rugged kan? match with her yg mmg active..

and lil elda in 'english style' dress...really suit her too!
ps : mcm x percaya memula...sbbnya ini budak mmg susah org lain nak snappo pict die...mama lain le kan...hehehe

Last but not least...Thank you so much to shikin for the opportunity...and zubye for the great shoot & time spent! ;p

Notes : you can also visit Girl-Charms(GC) for new collection dresses and Eyes Of Grace (EOG) for photographer of the models

Monday, March 22, 2010


Layanzz...si adek...

Si kakak..

Berposing dgn "accessory" girls!
Thanks hana & alin! Dpt sepasang sorang...;) < wpun sbnrnya hadiah sebeday si kakak.. Tp xpe kakak kata bleh share pkai! Hihi>
Ps: pict taken otw nak ke Gerai Sri Muar-The Mall

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lazy kaa buzy!

Ohhh no! Im LAZY to update this page... Coz BUZY thp apa x tau! Keje toksah citer le kan.. Nih yg tatahan paper assignment yg melambaks... Grrrrr

Makanya blog nih x berupdate wpun byk story nak share sini... Picture tertangguh lg le bykkan.. Erkk nak post skng dah basiii.. Huhuhu pastu dah try lst week ingat nak update.. Story psl "member" nih.. Spy bleh ambil ikhtibar...Skali dah pnjng jelarr dah taip tup2 error post.. Dah le x sempat nak save.. Maka hilang sudah.. Nak menaip semula tau le kan...mls lg nak refresh apa yg jd! So past is a past le... Hihi

Oklah insyaallah nak carik mood blogging again.. Lama dah x jln2 singgah2 blogger lain...tp yg fav tuh x tinggal le...lain2 Tau singgah blogsale ajerk.. Ekeke

What i really need this time is ME time & theraphyyy!

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Friday, March 5, 2010

MAC:Spring color 1

Yesszaa.. New katanya.. Maka suke hati sbb merembat hasil 'earn' dr FB today... Hehe smbil dpt snap pict + print postcard lg... Best!