Friday, October 16, 2009

Buzy to the maxxxxx!

As a liaison officer for IT, TheAgency wanted me to put the very high "commitment" for "A*PM" ...mana xnye dgn nak prepare IT slide presentation + QA lain2 slide + prepare folder lg as a supporting doc..etc..etc..

Arrrghhhh!!! Too many things to be done. Thus I'm busy and stress...tuh blum + minus ngn hal2 dunia yg lain...nak plak dah le ujung2 semester nih kan...dgn assignment/project need to be done b4 next week presentation!! arghhhhhh mkin le stressss

Anyway I have so many story to blog esp on my lil kiddos...but I can't right now...
Nak reply komen/ ber'fb' pun tak sempat...huhuhu

Uwaa..And you know what??!!
Mmg sah2 raya x rasa sgt lah raya w/pun dah tinggal 2/3 hari je lg raya kan...huwaaaaaaaaaaa

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