Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to Dec mommies!

A very happy bday to all dec mommies! [2 me too! ;)]

Esp to my beloved SIL..many happy return.. And may this yr bday "gift" will bring u lots of joy! Aminn

And im in happyyyyyyyy mode ! Ahaks

With my new look!! ;)

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  1. Comeyy and happy bday in advance hehe.

  2. coolll babes....rasanyer this new hair style suit u la

  3. Bebeday to u!!! May god bless u always :). Tamo ikut jejak langkah riniy ke haha

  4. fynnaz : thanks babes!

    nury : my 1st time try nih..kalo x b4 this asik rebon aje kan...hehehe thanks anyway for ur compliment..;p

    mona : Oh tidak!..opss insyaallah x le dlm masa terdekat..kene cover nih ckp takut terjangkit! hahaa