Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My girls in GC...from EOG!

alhamdulillah...hasilnya tidak menghampakan...i'm so proud of my girls...yerlah kan..harapan org nak gagahkan...;)

But the important thing is i'm so impress with this 2 ladies..their so talented...& the combination of this 2 ladies is simply match!! i'm so proud being a fren of u guys....
so nih le hasilnya.....

Big sista wearing long sleeve peasant top....rugged kan? match with her yg mmg active..

and lil elda in 'english style' dress...really suit her too!
ps : mcm x percaya memula...sbbnya ini budak mmg susah org lain nak snappo pict die...mama lain le kan...hehehe

Last but not least...Thank you so much to shikin for the opportunity...and zubye for the great shoot & time spent! ;p

Notes : you can also visit Girl-Charms(GC) for new collection dresses and Eyes Of Grace (EOG) for photographer of the models


  1. am so touch with this entry :-)
    your kids are wonderful and amazing too.. love to see their innocent smile..

    adik so cheeky and very co operative that day.. and kakak one sweet grown up lil' girl.. so fast time flies kan..

    and mommy.. thank you for all the support all this while. You are a true friend :-)

  2. ohhh.. great combination! cantik2 semua.. baju cantik, gambar cantik, model pon cantik!!!

  3. Alhamdulillah...
    semua yg dirancang menjadi kenyataan..

    im so happy to see the kids happy on that day...so sporting n so cooperative!!!

    Thanks to EOG to og course...

    and to you too akma..for always being a good friend!!

  4. love elda in that top too! sangat sweet ok!
    thats the definition of sweetness :D