Wednesday, March 13, 2013

1st experience Premium Beautiful for ME...;p

Sebenarnya tau dah serba sedikit pasal PB nih dr dulu lg...pernah jugak suatu ketika sibuk2 nak join the club but end up cancell sbb masa tuh xde factor yg let it be...but after gave birth to a lilhero past 9 ive strt looking for "something" to cure my back pain...mkn ubat mmg sangat ler malas okeh...esp pain sila abaikan...xtau nape..but seriously memang lately nih nak bongkok ke xbleh dah cam dulu trus bongkok kene control slow motion gitu...+ i feel a pain masa nak tido after read about about it..... ive decided to give a try to PB...

This 1 set complete #premium beautiful corset comes with 3 pcs - long bra, waist nipper & boleh jer kan yg nak beli 1pcs pun...but kalo nak tau a good turn back may as well try all together..

Seriously im not looking for nak kurus or what so eva but mostly utk cure my back pain..means utk kesihatan laa...sbb xnak sooner or later i trus menanggung sakit belakang nih....sbb kalo nak kurus tau dah ade "penyedut segera" yg masih melekap cam magnet mmg x riso on that part...hahahaa + mmg kalo nak mkn apa2 pun utk kurus honestly mmg ai x brani ye...jdnya mmg nak pkai this to bring up & get back the body posture to cure my back pain...
Banyak jer info boleh google kan pasal PB nih....and this point info makes me feel so excited to try on it...

sebab ade F.I.R - Far Infrared Rays..? 
Far Infrared Ray is one of the energy wave that is contained in Sunlight. Unlike that of Ultraviolet & Microwaves which is harmful, F.I.R has positive effect and is proven to be beneficial to humans. F.I.R is widely accepted as alternative therapy for various diseases..F.I.R creates a complete synergy which helps to shape the women's body, assists in reducing & maintaining a healthy weight, in addition to improving blood circulation and increase metabolism.
Additional info * | |

Oklah terus try...1st time guna masa kenduri kahwin my SIL that day...sbb tau dah nak pkai plak baju plain color yg oviously akan nampak telus dlm kalo x pkai tuh yg grab the chance pkai trus...+ taulah kan dgn sibuk hal2 sana sini kenduri kendarat nih...kejaran sana sini like non stop tugas2 khas kendarat....surely bdn or pinggang rasa nak patah....& normally will have some "discharge" on panty liner...but surprisingly this time mmg clean & clear...hihiii im using almost about 5hrs la on that day...hasilnya lglah mak teruja...+ mlm tido xrasa pun sakitnya even tido beralaskan toto lilhero jer..;p

So nih hasil gambaran day 1 bila guna PB...nak kata body mantap ofkos ler...but xderler amik size yg hover "stretch" kene ukur ukuran yg betul then baru pkai sesedap badan jer rasa...mmg sesuai eventho i'm still on bf..

Nih plak Day 2...masa gi bertandang pakai & feel more comfortable & sgt selesa...& mcm wearing an inner too...xrasa panas pun..mmg kalo 1st time guna mcm kekok skeet...but bila dah pkai few times..mmg rasa sangat senang & simple jer...secara x langsung kita jaga posture badan dengan betul..
(sorry pict kene cut dr yg ade reramai actually sebab dah terdelete pict alone dat time nak update blog tgk pict udah ilang..ekeke)

A big Thanks to cik yam who introduce me this PB....eventho dah tau lama tp she's encourage me to try on it... Nanti later later ai update lg psl pemaikaian PB nih ehh...sebab skang nih baru je try syaa allah hope it helps...;p
So kalo u guys nak tau lelebih details about premium beautiful email to or sms/call/whatssapp ke 
MARIAM 016-9274292 and pls drop by her blog at Grace with Beauty 

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