Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I'am an unstoppable explorer yooo!

Seriously yooo...memang ler i'm an unstoppable explorer...knowing me yang memang loves gadget so much..i treasure my journey & life with my gadget...I am a great explorer of nature, and love to spend my time hiking, venturing into the wilderness....x percaya ker? Hihiii

Hah tengok gambar bawah nih...all my gadget nih dalam my apps found my gadget....jeng jeng jeng...i will bring anywhere & anytime i go...memang on the go..not all but at least 2 of them i carried in my u can imagine how heavy is my bag kan?!..hihii

On top of that i really & trully an explorer coz anywhere i go i will make sure i can be search & get all info i need di hujung jari saja..hehe perhaps the connection is available la the 3G/LTE now is always in ON mode & automatic change to wifi connection if is available in the range..;p
Memang senang, especially bila i miss any of my fav movie in the midle of my activities...then i can simply direct go to any one of my matter where I am, thanks to Astro On-The-Go. so senang ler nak mendapat tengok & layan...;p

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