Monday, March 3, 2014

New baby bowl 2014

Yeah….welcome the blue orange in the house..ehh dlm beg ler kan…insyaaAllah modal baru utk tahun 2014….berat dah beg nak heret nih actually…but oklah at least i have a new booster..yeahhh u gooo…this new bowl weight is 13'…kalo normal range bola i is guna only 11.7 & 12.4….so nih kasi up sket for better result & kondisi…
bukan suke2 main tibai jer nak amik bola berat but then advised by the pro coach la..

mudah2an makin success & insyaaAllah will usaha balik modal with this new baby…latest in market..Spike by Hammer…yummiehhh ;p

Color dah cuns…rege pun boleh tahan…& insyaaAllah performance nyer pun sure MANTAP!! Kalo nak good advice & looking for this bowl bleh gi melawat Pro Shop Abg Mie kat 2nd Floor, Endah Parade..

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