Friday, April 4, 2014

10th years & still counting...

Alhamdulillah….tthrough hard, thin, easy & mcm2 lah….but i believed the key is understanding, care & trust!

No big celebration…just a staycation for Us berdua semalaman di Cyberview Lodge. Jauh sket dr KL yang haruk pikuk…so we can have our sweet time gitu berdua-duaan…sesambil merelax kan diri dari kesibukan harian...hehehee ;p

we start with spa-ing, massage-ing, relaxing…Oh heaven!

thanks to Pn.W (reservation) who make this deco for us! Ohsem & sweet touch! ;p hati berbunga bunga masuk bilik atas katil ade gini…jeng..jeng jeng...

then we do candle light dinner…auwwwwww

then selamat ler we continue with chit chatting, gossiping, & borak2 kosong like we always do in our normal daily routine….hehehee

then pepagi sesudah suboh kita balik umah amik the kids & join us for the relaxing…sempat mandi pool sat before check-out…;) seronok ler diorang as we ols happy for having them in our marriage & life..Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah,,,

Thank you so much for the warm wishes & doa thru fb, tweeter, sms, social media..May Allah blessed u ols..;)

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