Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ke Sabah kita bah!

Alhamdulillah...1st time dapat pi sini! Berperang selection untuk IN dalam team bg wakilkan my co..

So this will be my 1st trip solo after 3yrs deliver my baby boy! Thank hubster for aproval😜

So here we go....ke sabah kita bah!

1st choice & priority goes to MAS lah kan...wpun ade collegue yg naik lain...tp heard from them experience mmg lain2 laa...

Alhamdulillah flight was smooth takes 2hrs 30min...sempat layan movie dlm flight & xsempat tido langsung wpun mlm sblm tido lambat! 😜

Will stay in Marina until 4hb insyaaAllah with my partner in crime a.k.a Caretaker a.k.a bff a.k.a twin sister a.k.a makhluk perosak yg giler!😜😜
Will enjoy our time in KK insyaaAllah..wait for the big event update yea...bye!

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