Friday, April 10, 2009

our 5th anniversary short escapade..

lmbat gler nak update kan..dah nak basi daa...ekekek but still cam terbayang2 keseronokannya...alangkah bestnya kalo dpt pi lg! (erkkk..yang nih i bg hint nih..hehehe!) so here is the entry for our short escapade in AVILLION PD!

this is the scenery near the reception area...cantikkk kan siap ade tradisional opening music je dgr!

then im snapping away my 2 lil princess ...while waiting for DH park kete! car park die on the other side of the road!!! not very convenient laaa! pastu jauh nak jln..;p

once check-in, we were escourted to our deluxe water chalet...hehehe since were celebrating 5th anniversary kan..they give us the room which strt with no.5..hehehe..

1st of all we went out for a walk...jln2 smbil snapping around...

n yesss..truth is, this place is soOOoo relaxing!!! well maintain...nice landscape...;p and of coz le sesuai dgn harga nya kan..ahaks!

ade kids xtvt yg menarik jugak tau...selain dr pool yg beshh kata lyssa sbb ade slide on water...ade kids cabin ( nih indoor game le)..ade blocks and play station..oso ade sand art jgk!..yg best ade small patting zoo...everyday 10 am bole bagi mkn + bathe the animal jugak...hehehe..

and lucky us...sbb on the 5th April tuh ade special bday celebration for "april" yg ke 8...(nih bln ke thn im not so sure! hehehe) so smpat le my girls nyanyi bday song + bg mkn skali

and lain xtvt spanjang kat sana harus le bermandian di pool kan! hehehehe

duhh!! sbnrnya banyak lg gambo nak upload kat arghhh tensi sbb tgh banyak keje...pastu x smpat le nak hapdet...later la ehh! nnti ahkak continue next entry plak...ehheheh enjoiceee ;P


  1. Happy 5th anniversary Akma!!!
    Hope still not late to wish :)
    Moga berkekalan hingga akhir hayat amin

  2. tgk gmbr pun dah tau best.
    happy anniversary again my dear!!

  3. Happy Anny babes!!
    Hope its not too late..

  4. Tempat nie kalo berdua-duaan lagi best kot.. ahaks