Monday, July 20, 2009

ChomelCraft Giveaway is back!

Yeahahhahaa Chomel Craft giveaway is back..
dulu masa 1st time giveaway pun saya dah nih saja je lahh...since its back again kan...
so i just wanna give a full support and try my luck on Chomel Craft Give-away...;p
(hahaha saja lah since i dah jd pelanggan tegar kan..! ;) suke2 nak support kenkawan..)

CC Quote : Pls feel free to visit Chomel Craft ! Here you will find hand-stitches felt clips and craft. Everything is handmade and crafted with love. Adorable and cute design are perfect for your toddler and little girl!

nih antara koleksi yg menjadi pujaan dihatiii...more in pending order..will updates on it once i get okeh..hehehe

Hurry....More design will coming ...dont miss it and Collect them all !!!

and last I heart Chomel Craft's PERFECT for my lil girls..opss and for me too! ;p
ps : ciks...i guna my own lil model...ok kan? hehehe my satisfaction! ;)


  1. napela tade anak poms ek, telan ayaq lioq jela tgk mende comey2 nih :)

  2. mona : sila lah lps nih pegi umah i curik jgn bgtau i okeh!..nih i bg permission awal2hehee pastu bleh projek yg 3rd plak..insyaallah girl! ;p