Monday, August 3, 2009

100 post!

back last 4 yrs strt menulis ceritera my own life kat dr sana ramai le kenalan FP esp.mommies...and until now we still keep in touch..and some of them my neighbour pun! hehehe pastu cam tetiba plak wujud dunia FB ramai yg get conected, + addict to it!
so strting this yr i strt to blog...since my off x bleh go thru FP (kene block!)..hhehe so sbg org yg duk dlm IT kan harus le nak get connected kan..then i blog! hehe mmg memula rasa kekok...but then hah amekkk dah pun 100 post! hahah now cam dah jd blogger tegar plak!...mmg best..
some of them use to kritik other people kan..but then to me i Love to writing in ordinary manners ...
All of you can categorize or label me with whatever remarks you like..I don't care shit about it. Love to share with others...Sharing is caring aitt??
On the other note : Congrats to ein & ronie for ur newborn bb girl! Bb Qaseh Amanda such a beautiful name..she's my new nieces! details here & here..;p

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  1. Tula kan..aku kenal ko pun melalui fp then we still intouch with fb & blog.Nice knowing u akma...
    p/s: aku suker nama amanda...masa aku pregnant pernah terlintas if dpt bb gurl memang nk namakan amanda