Saturday, August 8, 2009

New "Bibik"

OK officially nye strt frm today le new bibik nih stay with us...actually last monday dier smpai but then kitorng biar dier stay at agent house dulu...sbb kitorng dah temp stay at my parents yesterday gi amik dier and bring to our house!

she looks like ok lah...sgt soft spoken..ckp pun suara ala-ala x dgr gitu...but then like DH said lah kan diorg nih x bleh percaya just look and see la how!
Based on my experience mmg 'bibik' yg 1st time msuk sini normally diorg sgt malu2 and x byk ckp lah kan...sbb takut2 le...but then biladah lama then baru lah diorg nih dpt aura tau nak berckp + melawan le kalo paling truk pun...

w/pun this is my 3rd maid...yg nih paling mude..age 22..sbb yg dolu sume 40+...kitorng still need diorg nih punya khidmat le kan...bkn xmoh anto ke nursery but then mana ade nursery bkk smpai mlm hari kan...sbbnya me abis class and smpai umah around 10 pm for mmg le kene hire maid jgk! the main point is to take care of the kids laa....lain2 tuh pejam mata sudah..

so looking fwd lah this one bleh keje elok2..;p so tawakkal je laaaa

pict taken during the kiddos plying with their new 'bbik nisa'...

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  1. sha doakn tbaik utk family u. bukan senang nk dpt maid yg bagus.