Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1st term school progress

Last saturday we when to her school for teachers-parents day...1st time le kiranya ni we ols gi session nih..wpun verbal update byk kali..hihi sbb her school principle mmg suke sms kalo ade apa2..

So for this 1st term which cover 3 mons school minus cuti skolah pastu absences shari dua fever + bercuti kan...
she's done cover all the scope in 1st term..

her excercise book..include eng,math,phonics etc...

jgk silibus in bahasa-bacaria,sukukata,tulisan etc..

and additional xtvt..

Alhamdulillah she's doing well..i'm so proud of my girls...she manage to do her homework by herself..i just monitor & usha sket2 le takut salah kan...but most of the time she's doing it b4 i came back frm off/class..then i just double checked & make sure all finished..
mmg lega sbb die x susah le...easy to understand & love to go school..selamat! tp bila demam kita x bg gi school siap lah drama dier nak pegi school jgk2...

On top of it, i'm so proud & impress when she's can read the books series 1-10 for the 1st term..alhamdulillah...sbb yg reading nih mmg depends on individual...their doing 1 to 1 monitoring & teacher die ade bgtau jgk in her class actually got 5 kids yg berlumba2 compare each others on reading..like sapa dah book no brp so on....& die salah seorang darinya!..;p so mmg in class die dlm 5 kids nih which include chinese, indian, cristian kids ...hehehe 1 m'sia kwn die...best!

ade jgk part yg x best...sbb teacher say yg her like 'drama queen' jgk sometimes..jgn ade org usik or ambil brg die..sure die triakkk smpai kdg2 teacher die pun panic...hahaha
yg tuh mmg nmpak le sbb even kat rumah pun kalo her sis menyakat mmg sah2 die kalah! huhu

i just too worries bila memula anto dulu...sbbnya takut le kan she's got nothing after all...at least lega lah sket...and as for now oklah kan utk bdk 5thn...;)

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