Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day treat

Around 10a.m dah kuar rumah sbb DH nak brkfst kat Kopitiam,the curve...fav menu surelah bread toast tuh kan.. Sampai 6 set kene bedal...hehe Then layan the kiddos ke Bird Park.. Sian sbb nnti big sis xde any story about her school holiday kan..

Siap amek family pict with the bird.. Just pay RM25, U can choose the bird & they will snap ur foto n print..within 2 min! Kiddos really enjoyed n had so much fun there sbb bleh kejar bird yg berkeliaran kan..hehehe

Then for Father's Day lunch treat, ill bring my parents together to ChengHo rest.. The food not bad & delicious! ;)

Ptg plak continue temankan DH jamming @ Akarkarya Studio owned by Sheila Majid for his BTOB...then b4 balik singgah mkn double cheese nan @ Salma Rest...
What a day...jgn kata kiddos, ai pun tumpang happy! Hehe

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  1. makan2 memenuhi father's day depaaaaaaaaaaaa!!:D