Tuesday, October 26, 2010

can u be my photog plssss? uuhukkhukk

Well, this is the Question i got from somebody....ade lah 1-2 kali...haha mcm byk pun!....
yes, i have the gadget utk menembak ...xlengkap mana pun ..cume Mr.Nik yg i upgrade in Apr 2010...

So many pictures had been captured since i start using my Mr.Nik. Officially i'm a ladyphotog @ my off dept..ekek so biasanya cover on small event la....hihi termasuklah xtvt2 yg seangkatan dengannya....yg mana melibatkan xtvt kaum hawa yg x membolehkan photog lelaki berada..hahaha sungguh!

Tp belum pernah skali pun i accept photography service requests frm outsider, even i get the chance & offer to join a group photography as their team member... woot! woot! tp ai mmg blum berani le....because I consider myself as beginner...mcmana nak buat bisnes kan...budak baru nak belajar....& i prefer lg recommend to my others colleague/friends/mommies who are really talented & passionate doing this photography business... However, I do accept some on personal request basis like from my close friends and family.

But, for the mean time i've to focus to my study 1st...biarpun dah nak abis kan....byk masa yg diperlukan utk betul2 dpt penuhi kehendak & permintaan...so skang nih layan suke2 as a hobby...esp. capturing a moment with my kiddos! at least can make & me feel better ...xle stress kan...ahhaha

Insyaallah, I wish i could turn into a pro photographer one fine day...tee-hee!

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