Saturday, January 15, 2011

bibikless for now on... officially 'bibikless'...after 3.5 yrs..
but oklah for now on...bkn susah sgt pun nak handle kan...our concern previously to have a maid pun sbb for the kids purposes je..lain2 tuh skali jln bila dah xde nih..kitorg dah decided buat masa nih biarlah the kids learn new things let them try to more independent..sbb all this while mmg sume bibik yg handle..

big improvement jgk for lil sis sbb today she manage to siap2 diri mandi, brush teeth,pkai baju sendiri sume laa...big sis mmg ok sgt2 lah sbb die mmg more independent compare to lil sis...mana x big sis lebih expose to bbsit,kindies,nursery sume la b4 this ok for her..

so today ♥ sedikit lega..baru lps discuss with the principle..will send lil sis to 'day care' together with big lil sis will go to the same kindy too..senang keje kan...hopefully lil sis will fine there & adapt the new envi...Insyaallah

bout the kerja2 rumah pun..DH ok with it..(apa yg penting?? kerjasama..hihi (sila baca mcm wonderpet ye..hahaha) or else can call the helper to do! sattled!

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