Monday, February 7, 2011

Superheros Party....frm my eyes!

Utk sentapan kala petang sblm masuk meeting...tee-hee

Party was great! Gud job & excellent!
Bravo to my SIL-Ein who doing this as a part time job in JB's.

Party accessories..

Superhero of the day...Aisy Nadeem who turn 2 on 4th Feb ...

Cake & cc from ovencomel (dot) blogspot (dot) com

Superheroes family..super dad!, super mom!, super girl!, super hero!, & super baby!..

Last session after the party end...harus le sesi posing gediks santai kan...

Last but not with 'party planner' & helper of the day! Phewwwww

Ps: frm my eyes..but tembak guna my SIL punya..hihi sama tp x serupa sbb lupa hangkut senjata! Hihhi

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