Thursday, January 10, 2013

Spread the words...

Taraaaaa......just to share & spread the words to all of u....kutlah sapa2 yg mahu dptkan designer handbag or shoes or u name it dear friend is going to Paris and taking up she can be your "personal shopper"....highly recommended!!

So silalah berhubung terus dgn beliau...& u can read details at her blog entry at or u can found her "babyIG" search kat Instagram (IG) - @invalise #invalise

Note frm her "buy now & regret later..."

Huwaaaa nangis dulu sempat telan air liur je dulu sbb belum smpai my time lg...mudah2an ade rezeki terlebih next time....In Shaa Allah..Amin

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