Monday, January 14, 2013

Highly Recommended - MS Gift Baskets..

Mari lah mariii...hah korang pening kepala mana nak carik org nak buat hamper? ke special gift? sila lah sila jenguk or contact kat sini....ehh bkn tuan belog nih to MS Gift Baskets nih...Owned by 2 lovely ladies....sorang tuh very passionate mother & sorang lg is single nan ayu lady...u ols sure suke hasil tangan yg kreatif diorg nih...Nak tgk antara hasil diorg...cer tgk kat bwh nih....

nih antara hamper/gift for newborn baby girl! Ohsem kan...

and above is for newborn baby boy....really luv their touch!  

great combination & outcome!!...Trust Me! and their also accept order for any special occasion...for wedding hantaran oso...u name it lah...discuss with them & they will do according to your budget...happy kan! ;p

nih contoh Make up Gift Hantaran Set from previous order....the groom to his lovely bride ;)

Last but not a birthday gift box filled with love & treasure....

Last Quote : Give gifts to others. Even a smile. Or a Thank You. Small things that have a big impact in people's life. :-)

so tau dah kan mana nak carik utk senangkan keje?....tee-hee
do support & contact them at MS Gift Baskets

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  1. Thank you so much for this entry and ohsem promo ;) muahs! {Hug}