Thursday, April 2, 2009


i was browsing and to get any idea for the 5th wedding anniversary prezie actually...saja lah nak practice to give something on our special day kan...bday slalu since DH kata xmoh le prezie sbbnya normally prezie belongs to personal kan...

so he's prefer something can share together forever!
(erkkk pls be in mind that evrybody has diff thought kan! ;p)

...ermm kalo ikutkan mmg x pernah pun dpt gift on this day..sbbnya we ols prefer to go somewhere utk relax and spend our time together...something like "sweet & memorable" laa and can appreciate present and future...coz the spc.moment u cannot buy kan!...ekekek

sort of sume2 tuh...and since me and DH been bz lately we decided utk pegi tmpat yg dekat ngn KL but sesuaiii utk relaxx...(tp bkn honeymoon tau!) sbb DH x sanggup tinggalkan his 2 Angel's..;p
actually our 1st choice was Bkt.Tinggi ...but bila pkkan takut the kids boring plak kan...sbb yg wajibbb mesti ade xtvt mandi pool lee ....then we decided to go to P.D je...hopefully the kids will enjoy kan..sbb ade pool & beach..(ok kan?) nak plak skang nih sis lyssa duk sibuk tanya bila nak pegi pulauuuuu! ekekke..nih kes tringat le betapa happening nya bila dpt pi pulau bila xtvt nya mainn airr je kan!

ps : tgk pict nih ...mmg rasa cam best kan...pict courtesy from hotel webpage

so insyaallah as per plan, week.end nih kami akan berada disini laa menghabiskan masa bersama on our anniversary day with our lil' princess! ;p

ps : can'tttt waitttt actually! nak plak tgh tensi nih kan.....yahOoooooo!

pss : nih confirm balik legams! ahaks


  1. waaahhhh...syoknye, PD pun ok apa. yg penting HOLIDAY with the love ones kan??

    i pun klu anniversary x de prezzie2 ni...slalunya g mkn2 je!

  2. yeahhhh...Avillion niceeeeeeee!!! recommended if u wanna unwind n destress! ;) ade kids activitis jugak tau...ade small patting zoo...boley bathe the animal jugak...hehehe..n ade play center!

    n if u wanna go to avillion jgn lupe dine seafood kat SEA VIEW Seafood Restaurant...die dekat je ngan avillion...tanye kt reception dorang can guide u the way ;)

    lastly...happy vacay bebeh!