Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mom's Day!

the cake from DH and BIL to us mom's in the house!...thank you korangs...
celebrate with my MIL and biras..e-ein and balqis!
(ps: kcik balik x smpat nak celebrate sesama...len thn le ye!hihi)
then kitorng sambung sesi mkan pizza beramai2 le kan...
Happy Mother's Day to all MOMs out there!


  1. ooooo tak aci time ktorang xde eh...patutnya wat la kat hotel pagi tuh...cessss..melepassss.....

  2. KCik: x smpat buat kat hotel sbb kalut nak mkn kluang station kan.. Hihi so buat lps dah settle sume.. + sbb dqh mmg lapar pun lps balik ujan.. Hihi

  3. best kan jadi mother of 2????? :)

  4. marsha : best ko lg best sbb ade bb boy! ihihi