Saturday, May 15, 2010

Something from my lil.girl..

I got this frm big sista Ellyssa yesterday. My 1st thought only a card....but today after came back frm her art class...she gave me this...

It was nicely done....she told me she do the carnations flower by her own & put the love crd dr teacher as a mother's day gift for me. die siap ckp lg..."sorry mummy for belated gift sbb lst week kan kakak i made this for u mummy" hehhe so sweet of u my lil girl!
hehe jgn confius ye...originally she call me "mama" tp lately nih bila strt speaking jd "mummy"..hihi xkisah le kan... asalkan die tau ai le satu2nya "mak die" dunia akhirat...;)

ps : tetiba feeling happy sbb this is my 1st time kan..hehehe

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