Saturday, June 13, 2009

GC is back on track- Searching and Promo New Collection!

nih nak cita sket as promised sbb nak give support sama to my frens shikin..hehe skaligus sbb nak try luck jgk! ekeke i know her from FP then become a close fren...i really appreciate our cyber-frenship!

slps berehat panjang..and know is have a look on her new collection and hurry make ur own choice of fabric at her collection.

Do click at Girl's Charms!

ps : My lyssa being a lil model for Girls Chams past 2 yrs...;p Pict Credit to EOG!

kalo nak ikutkan i really adore and luv her touch..simply amazing and sgt kemas...esp. on the cutting and mix & match materials..she's a supermummy!..

ps : Me and Shikin during my AWAITING PS done by EOG past 2 yrs...;p thanks for shikin to giving me a chance and try her limited collection ! thanks babes ;p

so apa tunggu she's opening for order..Hurry! and she's been looking for girls 2yrs old for being her lil model on new collection...jom try ur luck! manatau kan kalo ade rezeki...;p closing date is on 21 Jun!..;p

This entry is actually a part of promoting her cute dresses!! hehehe oso trying my luck for my lil angel... ;p


  1. Best tengok Akma suka support kawan-kawan.. how lucky we are to have a friend like u :-)

    All the best in this GC giveaway k!!

  2. aku suka entry ni!!!!
    thanks poms!!!