Monday, June 22, 2009

Dania's Sweetie Cupcake Bday Bash!

the party so & gorgeous theme!..complete as eva lah kan...thanks to razz & co for inviting us..and 1st time tau i smpai paling awal..n balik agaks lmbat! hehheee nih kes kaum bapa yg x sudah boraksss.. enjoiceee!

moi with tuan rumah a.k.a party host! amek gambo masa memula smpai..sbb tau nnti kalo nak balik baru amek harus x menang tgn dah kan poms...hehehhe ;p she's celebrated her lil princess bday who a same age with my elda..diff 5 days if i'm not mistaken! aitt razz?? ;p

ps : olso pakai hairclips from Chomel craft! hehehe terlebih sudah! so its not only for the girls..but for moms too!

the yummilicious cake as usual from Bake Freshly ..

masterpiece deco! so cute and cunss..

the complete table deco & props...u're done a very good job razz! and if u guys need her help..just go here!

bday girl with the family on the cake cutting session..
HAPPY B'DAY GIRL! You're 2 yrs Now!

my lyssa...enjoy bwk diri & play with other kids...she loves party! happening katanya! ahaks...;p

my elda yg berkepit jerk mana mama pegi..huhu she's scared becoz ramai sgt jemputan..but she loves the goodies!

last before we,lyana,yanti,erna,mira and julie...we're know each other from the fp world! nice meeting u guys! long time no see kan! muahhhsss


  1. Happy bday Dania...we miss the party this time.Anyway cantik gilesssla all the deco.So cute & nice.Thumbs up raz

  2. so sweettttttttt!
    vibrant colour combination! ;D
    cant wait for ur daughter punye plak