Wednesday, June 24, 2009

on Father's Day!

We celebrate it our way...sbb dah official celebrate at chili's in advance kan...erkkk so we just had nasi ayam goreng berlada for late brunch (ade ke istilah nih ehh??) & tapaauuu mee bandung muar for dinner bleh! our old time place 'lepaking''s The Mall!!

ps : sorry forgot to snap the makanan...but it's yummiehhh..kalo kepingin sila ke Gerai Sri Muar-Food Court The Mall yea..!!

It was preety minimal celebration in view of the fact that DH just want to spend his day with the girls...including me k! hehehee so DH decided to bring the kiddos berlarian di taman...w/pun sbnrnya nak singgah ke KL lake sbb ujan lebats...we change to Bukit Jalil..sib baik clear weather!

Nonetheless, we had fun! And that's the important in any celebration..hehehe me also try ber-PS le konon...skali tuh dah berpeluh sakan kan...and dah serabaiii jerk..ekeke so blasah je lorrr..;p
Not only that, we were so happy and tired!! mana x nyer berlarian satu taman kan....hahaha

So that's our Father's Day! Love u loads!


  1. Iya ker sedap akma??/Wahh harussnya ditry ni :).We ols pun selalu lepak bukit jalil sambil2 tu jogging hehehe :)

  2. diaper cake giveaway @ jemput singgah.. ^_^