Monday, June 29, 2009

The Winner is.... Eldaryanna ! ;p

Remember i blog this entry!

Purposely sbb nak try luck for Girl-Charms New Face Model Searching...hehhehe

and dgn tidak disangka-sangka rezeki menyebelahi my lil girls Elda! WOweeee mcm x percaya pun yea...
She's the winner for GC! clapp..clapp..clapp..;p

my elda with her happy face and 'peace sign' .. ! ;p Congrats to the 1st runner up too! ...and congratulations to all the shortlisted winners :-)

ps : tp mama yg berdebarr nih menanti utk next session bersama EOG..adakah dier camera friendly jgk nnti! huhuhu wish her luck ok...;p

Thanks a lot GC! Will support u till the end..;p


  1. Hi salam kenalan,
    Congratz to ur daughter too!!! :D

  2. Wah~~
    Seronoknye dapat jadi model.
    Kecik2 dah pandai buat duit.
    Jangan lupekan Auntie Syasya kat sini. hehehe

  3. congrates bebeh!
    ur baby photogenic ok!

  4. alamak...tak dapat duit lah jadi model GC..tapi dapat baju n ps dgn EOG je..hehe

  5. siti fatimah : congrats to u too!

    syasya : erk..nih saja2 je try..actually to give moral support..;p as for me the prize is not important...yg penting appreciation..;p

    verde : thanks babes..photogenic kah? hahah tgk mood tuh..kalo x kene mood muke stone jerk!

    shikin : xdpt duit pun long my lil girls dpt opportunity...yg paling penting the 'time' yg akan kita spend bersama kan..kan..hehehe